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You Have to Go to Paul

There is a pressing question that the church of Jesus Christ needs desperately to address, but ignores and avoids like a giant elephant in the room, that provided the antifote for all the religious confusion all about us. It’s really a simple question: Why Paul? Why did the Lord reach down from heaven’s glory and save His chief enemy, Saul of Tarsus (Saul who had made it his mission in life to waste through churches of Jewish believers), and make him the Paul the Apostle? This short video will begin explaining this and we will continue to expound the reasons on Friday nights.

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Paul Taught Us All

I spend Sunday’s teaching the littles at the big “Church” about the gospel of God’s grace that we are saved through believing in the finished cross work of Christ and about rightly dividing the word of Truth. That means I will be teaching them this song that helps make it clear what that means.